A frustrating administration

United Seychelles activists have been telephoning people across the country asking them to vote for their candidate Danny Faure in the presidential elections. The courage of those activists is to be admired when one considers that the majority of the time the response they get to their suggestion is an emphatic – never!

Elsewhere the US candidate has been meeting with those who used to be staunch SPPF supporters but who have since shied away from the US. Faure had mistakenly felt that a simple opportunity to spend time with him would resolve all the angst and frustration of these voters. He had actually bit on more than he could actually chew as each session became a huge reality check for him!

His guests chose to use the opportunity to get all their concerns off their chest and the delivery was not friendly at all. Be it youths or elders, they just told him as it is and he got to know more about how frustrating his administration is, than any survey could have ever shown.

One example of a government service which is fraught with frustrated clients is the home care. While no-one disputes the necessity of such a service, the way it is administered leaves much to be desired. From the care giver to the family member seeking for someone to look after his relative, everyone agrees that the handling leaves much to be desired.

“For example, I went to the office some two weeks ago to submit an application for a carer for my uncle. While I was there I got to see how nonchalant they are about their jobs. I was told I had to wait outside due to COVID19 guidelines and of course, wear a mask. Then they only started calling us in using alphabetical order of the districts! This completely flummoxed me as I had thought it was a first come first serve basis,” a social affairs client told this newspaper.

The annoyance is also felt in the out patients clinics in Seychelles Hospital. Patients are given appointments to see the specialists but when they get there, they have to wait for hours on end before the doctor even makes an appearance!

“I had some issues with my spine and I had an appointment with the specialist. I left home early but it was all of no use. I sat there until almost lunchtime. Around me others who were also supposed to have an appointment with some specialist or other, also met with the same difficulty. Truly these government people work just to bring frustration into our lives!” a 35 year old woman said.