Danny Faure misleads the people on Cannabis

In an interview with ‘Today’ newspaper last week the US party Presidential candidate said that all regulations are in place for the people to access medical cannabis.


The regulations in question were presented before the National Assembly on 17th March, 2020. The 6th National Assembly which now stand dissolved basically refused to conduct a meaningful debate on the Regulations. They basically placed it in a drawer and closed all conversations on the matter. They could have debated on and proposed amendments to facilitate access to medical cannabis. As the Regulations stand, they are very restrictive and it is almost impossible for anyone needing the medication to have access with it in a short period of time.

The procedures are laborious and too comprehensive. We are of the view that it is a deliberate ploy by the Government to make it as hard as possible to discourage access to the medication. And the National Assembly did nothing to improve on the Regulations. As to the use of Recreational Cannabis, his reply was reported as being: Ha ha ha”…… However, on the election of the Editor of this newspaper for the district of Roche Caiman on 24th October, things will change in favour of the people waiting for the medication.