25 rupee fee for medication

Dear Mr. Volcere,

I thank you for the weekly digital pdf format of your journal, I appreciate it a lot!

Concerning our talk on face book, I am frustrated by NA members that pass laws and don’t think and include all, they don’t think of its long term effects, one example of which I think is in contradiction to our constitution is the 25 rupee fee for medication at our public hospitals and clinics. I was sad to see a man being refused medication at the Anse Aux Pins clinic (this is happening everywhere) because he did not have 25 rupees on him at the time to pay for his medication, while he is a hardworking man, I know that this happens to those that are not employed but work as casual works.

So if a citizen of Seychelles irrelevant of if they pay tax or not got sick and went to the clinic that person would be refused of medication because he does not have that money right away? How is this making our lives better? how is this enforcing “Sesel pou tou son zanfan”?? I am frustrated mate, I know that there are wastage and abuse, but I think that a 100/50 tax on all working citizen per month would be much better and it can be a cover for those that don’t have to pay, in that way all benefits!

Now to control the abuse, I suggest that doctors and nurses get better training and a bit of psychology to determine whether someone is faking or not! I, or write about it in your journal, just keep my name anonymous please….

Thanks in advance!