ACCS to investigate PUC on Corruption allegations


A Corruption allegation case against PUC is now before the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles (ACCS).

This has happened after the prompting of the Chief Executive Officer of PUC, Philip Morin, to the Editor of The Seychelles Independent in a telephone conversation.

When Editor Ralph Volcere called Mr. Philip Morin to inform him that he would like to come to discuss some issues with regards to allegations of Corruption at PUC, Morin told Volcere that he needs to go to register a case at the ACCS.

PUC CEO Philip Morin

So it was that on Friday 31st July investigating officers at the ACCS registered a case of corruption against PUC. They were presented with information on the depth of fraud being alleged against the government-owned institution.It is believed that due to the very high level of corruption at PUC the costs of both water and electricity are estimated to be double what it should be. A high flyer at PUC is known to have rented one of his houses for SCR100, 000 per month to PUC.

The poor people of Seychelles are being ripped-off by these cowboys. Now the politicians from both sides who have been providing their friends at PUC with cover for favours will also have to step up to the task to help clean up this most important organization in the country.


These people must now show to the people of Seychelles that they will not tolerate any mickey-mouse operation and corruption practices against the whole country within the organization. This newspaper have been inundated with phone calls from members of the public with their own stories of corruption about PUC. A construction company told us that they (PUC) are not putting several projects up for tender or even placing advertisement in newspapers –it is being given to their friends for kickbacks. Former employees and current workers who have also said they are willing to speak out and give evidence against the thieving at PUC.

Frenzy at PUC

After the publication of the PUC Corruption story on the front page of our Edition No.24 dated 28th July 2020, a frenzy broke out at PUC in the top management.

They were running around like headless chicken to try and cover up whatever they could in anticipation of a visit from the authorities. An urgent meeting of all senior officials was also called to discuss the matter. The next day on Wednesday 29th July they started arriving at work before 7am and an aggressive mopping up exercise is ongoing.

They are searching for dust and wiping it down in every store and little corners in the offices and buildings being occupied by PUC. On Thursday 30th July the Members of the Board of PUC met to discuss the allegations made by this newspaper. The Board comprises Eddy Belle (Chairman) Stephen Rousseau, Yannick Vel, Dr. Selwyn Gendron, Nanette Laure, Philip Chong-Seng and Philip Morin (who is also PUC’s chief executive).

The public is now waiting for a reaction from both the management and the Board of Directors, as well as the Government. A week after the story was published, there is not even a word coming from CEO Phillip Morin or Chairman Eddy Belle. They are ignoring this story with the hope that it will go away. The ACCS for once has some real meat on its plate to chew on and the anticipation and curiosity amongst the public is now mind-boggling!!

SCR800,000 platform