Education holds research forum

The characteristics of the local education system will soon be extensively researched, with the findings to be used to improve the quality of learning especially in state schools. This comes after 18 teachers following a Master’s Degree in Education programme, offered by the University of Seychelles together with the University of Mauritius have presented their research proposals to their fellow peers as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education.

Most of the participants in the Master’s cohort are primary level teachers on the school management, although some of their counterparts in secondary schools are also taking part. “In order to gain admittance on the course, candidates must be first degree holders, although those on the school management with long work experience may also be admitted,” explained the Head of Education Department at UniSey, Dr. Indra Persaud.

The topics the candidates have chosen reflect a wide array of challenges they face in their daily duties while running their respective schools such as incorporating technology in the pupils’ education, determining whether parents’ active participation in their children’s education was beneficial as well as finding the causes of demotivation in students.

While presenting their information, it was also established that although there may be some anecdotal reasons as to why there are such issues in schools, the extensive research will provide solid proof.

“Once the research and ensuing dissertations are later presented to us at the Ministry, we will try our utmost to include the improvements into our current system,” explained the Director for Schools, Cyril Pillay.

“Whenever possible, we want those candidates to implement the changes that they deem necessary in their schools, following the findings of their research,” he added.

Over the years, there have been other teachers and members of schools’ management who have also sat for their masters – whom Mr. Pillay explained, have taken on board many of the proposals these students have made to the ministry.

To recall, state schools have been plagued with relatively low results in international examinations in sharp contrast to their private counterparts. The recent autonomy granted to schools has been seen as one of the many measures being taken to improve the level of learning in those schools.

Meanwhile, the research proposals will be sent to the University of Mauritius for approval, then allowing the candidates to extensively work on their research laying the grounds for their dissertations.