Facemasks Facebook Face-off

Who would have ever thought that a simple piece of stitched cloth would have caused such divisiveness in the world as to provoke demonstrations and violent social media debates?

But then it’s no ordinary piece of cloth. It’s an ‘accoutrement’ that is fast becoming a fashion item, and a clear divide between those who care and those who don’t.

Those who care think that wearing a mask during Covid-19 not only shows respect for the other human being but stops you from spreading the virus and protects you from receiving someone else’s virus.

Those who don’t care say that it makes it difficult for you to breathe properly, keeps your own germs around your face and worse still that Governments are trying to control us.Even in Seychelles the debate is raging on Facebook (“Lari Bazar”) and the exchanges, mirroring the rest of the world, ranges from the compassionate to the insulting to the downright crass and rude….and even Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jude Gedeon has to duck politely.

So here’s a sample:

THE RATIONAL (Jeanine Lucas)

They are now useless. They stop you spreading the virus.

THE FED-UP (the same Jeanine Lucas)

You people you got s…t in your head. Just wear the mask. Is a simple task.

THE COUNSELLOR (Rezana Suleman)

It is not to protect you, it is to protect others and they too when wearing theirs will protect you and stop the spread….wear your mask. I wear mine everyday here in Texas…it’s so scary and dangerous here with Covid… stay safe.

THE RUDE (Robert Basson)

Anything seems to go on SPTC buses. I think it’s so much GEDEON bulls—t.

THE POLITE (Jude Gedeon)


THE INSISTENT (Robert Basson)

Jude Gedeon Good that you’ve noted. In a country with absolutely no communal transmission. On SPTC… I see anything is accepted asa mask. I repeat absolute 100% bulls…t. Designed only to allow your precious tourists back in.

THE ADJUDICATOR (Regis Marnier D’Unienville)

Surely wearing a mask must be better than not. It might not be 100% safe but feel more comfortable wearing one.

THE DOOM SLAYER (Daniel Baronne)

Because it is not about your health, it is about your submission. They want to see how far they can make you do ridiculous s…t before you realise you are being played. They must be laughing their…s off at the stupidity and gullibility of humanity.


A napkin folded once is adequate as a filter and this can be inserted easily into cloth masks and don’t cost the earth (sharing an illustration of how to wear masks), for which she gets a wake-upcall from….


As for your pic, you can shove it up your…… (Where masks can’t fit, strictly speaking)….

THE KIND ECONOMIST (Viv Keenan) –who can give as well as he takeRight back at you crazy lady.We could go on and on,so since we at the Independent believe, from everything we’ve read that masks play a part, small or large, in reducing the spread, we shall give the last word to a Seychellois sharing and caring all the way from the cold land of the Mounties:

THE GOOD ADVISOR (Hughette Maillet)

Wear your mask and don’t believe what other people are telling you. The cloth ones are better, they’re washable and less expensive in the long run. Here in Canada people are using the cloth ones more than the medical one.