Feeling betrayed and sad

Dear Sir,

(Those of you about to read this letter, looking at the title, might straight away think that it is more about James Michel than Wavel. No! It is the exact opposite).

I have been in the opposition for many years, first as a DP supporter, then UO, today LDS. For the past 15 years I have fought really hard, hand in hand with Wavel, to see justice served in this country. I campaigned day and night for Wavel because I believed that he was a righteous person, the only one who would be capable of bringing true democracy to our beautiful country,However, slowly and slowly, especially since LDS won Parliament, I started to see signs that things were not what they appeared to be. As I write this letter, I can still remember the days when Wavel vividly spoke, very convincingly on many occasions, about how many of the leaders in SPPF/SPUP/Parti Lepep/US were so corrupt that they needed to be put behind bars. Following that particular subject very closely, in recent years, it began to sink in that Wavel had changed his tune on this very important and serious matter. Many events that have taken place in the last five years made me suspicious of Wavel’s sincerity and honesty on the whole subject. I felt very awkward when Wavel openly welcomed so many of those same former SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep ex-leaders to join him to form LDS 5 years ago. Hungry for change, I accepted it without asking too many questions. Little did I know!

After the 2016 Assembly elections, Wavel was ferociously advocating his will to bring James Michel to justice and to put him behind bars for what he called the atrocities James Michel committed from 1977 to 2014. But soon after, in around 2018/2019, I suddenly stopped hearing the name James Michel being mentioned in any negative way. No more corruption, no atrocities, no more blood on his hands and all of a sudden James Michel was no more a criminal. This, I should have seen a long time ago, to be honest! I mean, just think about the FPAC and how they started to interview people off camera? Here I am thinking about the 50 million that Wavel used as a campaign strategy to get mileage to win the hearts of the people in the 2016 national assembly election. All of that gone in the blink of an eye.!The suspicions I had about allegations of being dishonest grew, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe what was being said about that man could well be true. I then started hearing vibes that James Michel was supporting Wavel, going around to people he knew well and asking them to vote for Wavel. Naturally, I thought it strange and impossible, but looking back at many events that had taken place, I got to really understand the games that Wavel was playing.

On the 4th of September, a day that I will remember forever, my suspicions were confirmed when I heard Mr. William said that James Michel had asked him to reveal that he was right behind Wavel. That was when I truly felt betrayed. Betrayed not by James Michel but Wavel. I felt that the fight that had been going on for 40 years plus was in vain. The thoughts that had been going around my head in recent years that Wavel would never bring justice and democracy to our islands were confirmed. Wavel’s betrayal has left a very deep wound right in the middle of my heart. Part of me still refuses to accept that he has let us down but reality tells me otherwise. It’s like he forgot about everything we fought for all these years. Sadly, I have come to accept that Wavel is in no way interested in bringing about real change in Seychelles. On the contrary, I am of the view that he is all about cutting deals and enriching himself on the sweat and beliefs of our strong opposition supporters! I also once followed blindly, but not anymore!

If we are not careful, corruption, victimization and abuse of human rights will, just like they were in the seventies and eighties, be the name of the game in the next five years in our country.

Today, I am also sad. Sad because of the very many supporters like me who have long wanted justice, democracy, transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law to reign supreme in Seychelles, are now being taken for fools.Sad because the very same man who has led this fight is now the very same one who is showing that money and power reigns well above the love and compassion that a true leader must show for his people.

Sad because, in spite of all the evidence before our very own eyes, many of Wavel’s supporters are failing to see or understand that this man will do anything to enrich himself but not the country and sad, because if we are not wise in our choice for President, we may well give a dictator a stick to whip the great majority of us for the next five years.Lastly, I for one, am grateful for what we have achieved under Wavel’s leadership, but the time has come for you to step down my brother! Moses led the children of god, but he never made it to the promise land. We need fresh leadership, you being a priest should understand this! Step down Wavel!

(Name withheld on request)