How big a threat was Patrick Pillay and to whom?

The Electoral Commission of Seychelles has said that other candidates came to inspect the sub-mission made by Lalyans Seselwa candidate Patrick Pillay between 1 and 2.30 pm on Nomination day. Nomination submissions ended at 1 p.m. and candidates could inspect the documentations submitted by other contenders before the granting of certificates is done –and also file objections.

The ECS said in its Press Release that the Pillay nomination was inspected by other candidates, when in fact only one candidate did so and raised the objections. It is interesting to considering why that particular candidate made it a point to come and inspect Lalyans Seselwa’s nomination? Taking into account that the party had left the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa and has been standing alone since 2018 and has been gradually weakening, one wonders why was it so necessary for the LDS candidate to inspect the nomination?

How much of a threat was Lalyans Seselwa to the LDs candidate? Was it because with Patrick Pillay standing on the ticket of his own party, it would drive home the reality that LDS is no longer a grouping of political parties, but really SNP masquerading under another name? Was it because Pillay could maybe still pull the heartstrings of those Lalyans Seselwa voters, who selected to re-main in the LDS party when he left? Was it an act of revenge because Pillay had pulled Lalyans Seselwa out of LDS and therefore draw attention to the fact that all was not well within the union?

Is it also possible that some opponent or the other intentionally sent non registered adults to endorse Pillay’s nomination, with the full knowledge that these endorsement would not pass scrutiny and therefore get Pillay disqualified?

No matter what the answer to these questions are, should Pillay ask his supporters to boycott the presidential election and they listen to him, it is the opposition’s tally of votes which would suffer!