Hunt Deltel weighs in on Covid-19 situation

In the spirit of fairness and to allow the maximum flow of information in this time of the treacherous Covid-19 we publish below, verbatim, the press release issued by Hunt Deltel this week.

“Following the crew change operations carried out by the Company’s Transport Department and Fishing Agency Department on 23rd June and the subsequent positive Covid-19 test results of the African seafarers, the Public Health Authority made contact with members of staff who were deemed to be at high risk of exposure. Four members of staff were instructed to proceed to home quarantine. As of 8th July 2020 all four had completed their quarantine period and had tested negative for Covid-19. On Monday the 6th July preliminary tests were also performed on staff of the Transport and Work-shop Departments at Hunt Deltel’s zone 14 premises.

On Tuesday the 7th July the resulting positive results of six staff members were confirmed and the staff were brought to the quarantine facility at Perseverance. On Tuesday the 7th July the Transport and Workshop teams were initially asked to remain in home quarantine, and subsequently on 9th July they were instructed to proceed to the quarantine facility at Berjaya Hotel. On the 10th July the Procurement team comprising of 3 staff were asked to remain in home quar-antine and subsequently instructed to proceed to the quarantine facility at Berjaya Hotel. This represents a total of 2 staff members in home quarantine and 39 staff members at the quar-antine facility at Berjaya and 6 staff members at the isolation centre at perseverance. None of our colleagues are exhibiting symptoms and await further test-ing. Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd. has followed all stipulated guidelines and isworking closely with the Public Health Authority in the effort to manage the developing situation.

All Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd employees deemed to be a risk by the Public Health Authority have now been placed in quarantine by the Public Health Authority. We ask that our employees who have not been in contact with any of their affected colleagues and who are free to move around in the community are treated with respect and not subjected to any form of discrimination. We also ask that compassion and kindnessis shown to our colleagues who are in Quarantine and Isolation and are cooperating fully with the Public Health Authority”.