Intelvision sets the bar high in local 5G debate

Intelvision has set the bar high in the current debate about whether Seychelles is ready for 5G, launched in a dubious fanfare by Cable & Wireless a short while ago.

Given the current uncertainties associated with 5G with regards to health hazards, Intelvision has taken a strong stance by saying although it has 5G capabilities, it has put it on hold “pending further international research and medical studies”.

The company made this statement this week while announcing its new 4G and 4.5G LTE Mobile services, which it says will come with “a wider coverage than what is currently being offered by the competitors; faster speeds and competitive pricing”.

The company states that the launch of its Mobile service has been delayed the Covid-19 pan-demic and the resulting worldwide lockdowns.

With regards to 5G, the company says: “We will not launch the 5G service until we are 100% confident about the safety of the Seychellois people.

  ‘Due to public concerns about health and radiation, the 5G component has been on hold since January 2020, pending further international research and medical studies. “Intelvision is an integral part of the Seychellois community and we feel it is our duty and re-sponsibility to consider the safety and wellbeing of the Seychelles people, flora and fauna as paramount importance”.