James Lesperance follows James Michel into LDS

The controversial businessman who has been banned from voting by the Supreme Court of Seychelles has followed James Michel into LDS. It is clear that Lesperance Aka Pti James to the general public may also be fearing retribution from an LDS government. It is to be noted that his new friends were the complainant in the court case against him before the court. They accused him of interfering in the electoral process in 2015 by buying National Identity Cards from casual workers at Providence.

Pti James comes from a humble background and made his way through adult life to become a multi-millionaire with the full assistance of the SPPF/PL/US, and he has also contributed to their campaigns in the past according to his own mouth. He has now switched side, many believe for dubious reasons to save his skin and his ailing business from scrutiny by the authorities should the government change. Pti James is also known to have said to his army of friends during conversations that he had paid money (SCR 15,000) to the Editor of this newspaper not to write unfavorable articles about him. This is an outright lie from this conman who tried to rob the 2015 election in favour of James Michel. And he was convicted in a court of law for this offence.

The Editor would like to state that James Lesperance paid SCR5000 by a cheque and got a receipt for a (full page in colour) publicity article with pictures for his business in The Business Seychelles; a magazine that was being published when Ralph Volcere was still the Editor of The Seychelles Weekly. We would like to state that Pti James is a liar who cannot be trusted. We also know of many stories about this so-called business tycoon, however, we will not use it against him. We only wanted to set the record straight on his lies about giving money to the Editor.

James Lesperance like James Michel have both become prisoners of their own conscience and they are both petrified to face the future under an LDS Government with Wavel Ramkalawan as the President of the Republic. They should not be fearing Ramkalawan if they have nothing to hide, in a democratic country they will be able to defend themselves and prove their innocence against any accusation and/or case before a court of law.

Like the rats Wavel once compared them to, they are nowjumping off before the ship sinks. However, what they don’t know is that Ramkalawan will not be in a position to provide any form of protection to them. The radical elements in the LDS will skin him alive and he knows it. And this newspaper will expose their trickeries for all the people in Seychelles to know, about what is taking place in the name of democracy, accountability and transparency in the new Seychelles under an LDS government; something that the SPUP/SPPF/PL/US have been practicing for the last 45 years. Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose!