LDS gives the finger to the police

Last week the police held a special press conference to explain to the media its plans and strategies pertaining to policing during the electoral campaign period and for the election weekend. As part of the announcements the police made a very specific address to political parties. The police Spokesperson Jean Toussaint said that;“The police is advising political parties and their supporters against unauthorized gatherings and motorcades!”

Toussaint also warned the public as well as supporters of politicalparties against the following activities which are illegal: Consuming alcohol in transports, on the road and in public places, driving under the influence of alcohol, dangerous driving and speeding, having too many passengers in a vehicle and others including noise nuisance and provoking and insulting others.

He further advised the public that in cases where the police is not able to effect an arrest on the spot of an incident, the matter would be documented, recorded and sent to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution.

Toussaint added weight to his warnings by stating that the police would use all the resources at its disposal such as the Penal Code traffic regulations Health regulations to ensure that all activities which are organized are held in conformity with these laws in force.

However, come Sunday supporters of the LDS took to the streets in impromptu mini-motorcades which just seemingly sprouted up all over Mahe. All health and safety regulations were ignored and those inhabitants who have the misfortune to reside near a roadside shop, had their Sunday peace and quiet rudely disrupted as loud noise coming from powerful loud speakers blasted out political propaganda all day long.

This is the same party which had publicly announced that it was suspending all such activities due to the COVID19 situation. Speeding, sitting on the edge or car doors and windows or of pickup trucks, no social distancing and no masks as well as drunk driving was rampant and there was hardly any police presence to even try and hinder the revelry!