LDS goes heavy-handed in campaign in Roche Caiman

The ‘sois-disant’ champions of free and fair political campaigning in the National Assembly are not so clean it seems when it comes to campaigning on the ground.Word has reached The Independent that their door-to-door tactics leave much to be desired, enough for one resident to threaten to go and report to the Electoral Commission.

LDS campaigners have been reported as being heavy-handed in their approach to residents of Roche Caiman, asking them how they intend to vote, and threatening to report them to the LDS head office. The same thing happened to a lady at Majoie, who complained to this newspaper that LDS door to door activists, asked for her name when she said will not vote for Ramkalawan. They told her that they need to report it to headquarters. This is pure and simple intimidation from the LDS. As we mentioned last week the electorate seems to be facing a choice between “Bonnen Blan” and “Blan Bonnen”, leading us to warn voters that they may well be running the risk or replacing the old, tired and greedy US by an equally greedy and threatening LDS.

Fortunately the Third Force is building momentum and Seychellois will have the chance to give Seychelles a fresh start.