LDS’ Jean Francois Ferrari needs to apologise to the Elderly and their Carers

The LDS party leader must now move to ask Jean Francois Ferrari to make a public apology to the 3414 carers and the elderly people who are receiving their care. And might we also add to that list his father and mother, who are well past their prime.

A video recording is being circulated on the social media with Ferrari viciously attacking the Carers and the elderly people in their care, who are after all the memory of the nation.

Ferrari said that Government is spending 180 million rupees annually on the salaries of 3414 carers to look after old aged people who doesn’t have long to live on this earth. The remarks by Ferrari were offensive, cruel and insulting to both the carers and to the elderly people of Seychelles. It goes to show that people like Jean Francois Ferrari (formerly an SPPF) are shortsighted and their craving for power distort their thinking process and that makes them very dangerous people to trust with power. Let’s wait to see if Jean Francois Ferrari is man enough to apologise to the people he has so deeply offended and to the nation as a whole. Or will Roger Mancienne have the guts to say sorry on behalf of Ferrari and of his party.