Martin Aglae charged on two counts

Ex-politician Martin Aglae has been charged on two counts.

The first one is an offence of threatening to commit violence against two of his neighbours following an incident which took place on September 13.

The second count includes an application that was made for an antisocial behaviour order made under Section 169A of the Penal Code.

This order was made with a supporting affidavit signed by a police officer and three complainants following an incident which began on September 11 evening when Mr Aglae was playing loud music in Jerusalem, Au Cap.

The complainants in the case included Manuella Amesbury who is the chief electoral officer of the Electoral Commission.

The incidents were reported to the police who later visited the scene to confirm this.

Mr Aglae was informed to lower or turn off the music. However, the same incident occurred on September 12 and 13 and that is when threats were made to the neighbours after they complained again.

Mr Aglae was released on bail conditions which were asked by the Prosecution namely that he did not interfere with the witnesses in this case and does not travel outside of the country.

Her Worship Brigitte Confait made an interim order that Mr Aglae did not cause distress or disturb the neighbours until the next hearing takes place and to refrain from making further threats to them.

Her Worship Brigitte Confait further ordered that Mr Aglae reports to the Anse aux Pins police station every Friday between 6am – 6pm due to the severity of the case.

Mr Aglae strongly objected to what he is being charged with and stated that he came to court voluntarily.

Under Section 89a of the Penal Code, Mr Aglae could face up to 5 years imprisonment.

Mr Aglae is set to reappear before the Courts on October 5 for both cases.

Source; Nation