National Assembly’s brutal end as Emotions run high


After an orgy of porn, personal scandals, bruised marriages, lavish trips to Dubai and failure to deliver after so many LDS promises, the 6th National Assembly came to a brutal end on Thursday 6th August.The two sides of the aisle tore each other apart on the open microphones and it was left to the silent bystander VP Vincent Meriton to play time-keeper and remind those who took to the floor to discuss the Electoral Ammendment bill that they spent most of the time trading insults and criticisms rather than speak on the bill.

Tensions between the honorable gentlemen were on a high and suddenly all hell broke loose after the Speaker had pronounced the 6th National Assembly dissolved. The ruling party representatives were happy and ecstatic that the torturous episode has finally ended at least for now and the unknown seems to be very comforting for the time being. The US members couldn’t wait for the SBC cameras to be turned off -before relieving themselves live on air in the full glare of the viewers. They started to fight amongst themselves.It was the MNA for the district of Grand Anse who pulled the trigger first by announcing live on air that he was no longer a member of the US party. Waven William had fallen out with the Leadership of US two+ years ago and he waited until the very last day of the 6th National Assembly to announce that he was now free to decide on his political future. He jumped before being pushed and in the process broke the heart of US members. It is the action surely of a man with an agenda and with the clear intention to manipulate the whole nation. It is believed that the honorable ambassador from Grand Anse will be seeking protection for his sins under the LDS umbrella. On his part the most dishonorable Simon Gill couldn’t contain his anger and frustration against Waven William for the humiliation that was being inflicted on his beloved United Seychelles live on SBC television.

William even accused him of having told him that he would go out of the window.

And finally the SPUP/SPPF/PL and US dinosaur from Cascade aka “Charlie” announced his own demise from political life in a sober manner. However, he tried to go out with fireworks blazing around him that he was a champion, who had set records that will remain unbroken for a long time. When in fact the paramedics were taking him out on a stretcher. The great Deco was being taken out to the cemetery of political pasture never to be seen again. A sad episode was coming to an end for SPUP/SPPF/PL and the US baby conceived out of wedlock with Danny, who had divorced himself from the new party in an attempt at fooling the electorate. On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th October 2020, we shall see if it has worked in the new normal of the political pandemic in Seychelles.


The members of the majority party (LDS) in the National Assembly were sad and frustrated to be leaving the palace early, with their leader Ramkalawan crying that their time had been cut short unexpectedly.

They had been calling it their home for the last four years; where tons of orgies took place day and night behind closed doors with pornographic movies a regular occurrence; amidst many sexual scandals. When we look back at the overall performance of the majority party, it has been a great travesty and a fiasco, because they have failed to bring positive changes to the lives of the ordinary Seychellois who shed tears, sweat and blood, kicking and screaming, to give them an unprecedented majority in the National Assembly. A lot of sacrifices were made based on their promises that we deserve better than what we have been getting over the last 40 odd years! Instead, they have completely let down the Seychelles and the Seselwa in their yearning to grab power for personal enrichment. They went to bed with the devil without a thought for the people who put them there. And the promises made to the people were abandoned and sidelined for four long years.


They made friends with the rich and famous and basked in the opulence of their new found friends; onboard luxurious yacht, weekends on the outer islands, traveling first class to Dubai and staying in five star accommodations at the hospitality of their rich and powerful hosts, trips to Moscow to drink and play with prostitutes, while the outer islands report and the promises of a better life for the natives remained nothing but a distant dream for four long years. Both the US and LDS will now go back to the same people with the same old and tired promises that they need to be re-elected to fight corruption, to fight for Seselwa workers, to bring down the cost of living, to stop the selling of our citizenship, to raise the standard of living, improve the education and health system and put money in the pockets of the poor people. Will the Seselwa electorate buy into their empty rhetoric of false promises again, knowing full well that Ramkalawan and co had four years to deliver on their promises but did absolutely nothing to improve the lot of the long suffering Seychellois electorate. Or will the people finally wake up to a rude awakening and smell the manure? Only time will tell!