One Seychelles to provide Lalyans Seselwa with a platform

Following the Lalyans Seselwa Presidential candidate, Patrick Georges Pillay’s shocking disqualification from the upcoming elections, the One Seychelles party leader, Alain St Ange announced that his party was willing to provide Pillay with a platform to air his political views.It was late Wednesday that Pillay was informed by the Electoral Commission that he was missing 11 of the necessary signatures from the 500 needed to grant him a slot in the upcoming presidential race.

Falling short of the criteria set to take part in the presidential race, effectively removed Pillay from the running, along with his newcomer to the political scene-running mate Weston Wirtz.

The ensuing confusion as to whether Pillay was indeed at fault or whether it was the new Electoral Commission, which had wrongly dealt with the case is yet to be resolved. Admittedly, Pillay’s quick-witted and sometimes dry responses have provided much needed entertainment to these upcoming elections.It must be noted, that having successfully established himself on the local political scene, during the fiercely contested elections in 2015 and 2016, Pillay’s trademark comments had punctuated the previous elections and had singled him out as one to watch out for.

‘In fini tro tar pour fer Seselwa dormi boner’, is one of Ton Pat’s well used phrases in the last election highlighting the extent to which the Seychellois voter had become more discerning.After the disqualification, One Seychelles’ Leader Alain St.Ange stepped up to say his party would provide Pillay with a platform in one of his PPBs to put his and Lalyans Seselwa’s points across. The public had been looking forward to a four way presidential debate and most people were expecting that Pillay’s gift of the gab would have made these debates very interesting.

St Ange’s magnanimous gesture of sharing the limelight with Pillay and Lalyans Seselwa is one that has never been seen before. Traditionally, candidates were known to share platforms only upon establishing coalitions. At the same time, the move is undoubtedly a smart one as Lalyans does still have some support on the ground and if these were to turn into One Seychelles’ votes, it would help the party in its bid to lead the country.

It remains to be seen whether One Seychelles’ generous nature will extend to joining forces with parties with similar principles if there was indeed to be a second round after October 22nd, 23rd and 24th.In another development, One Seychelles has also expressed support for the candidature of Holbert Jean, an independent candidate standing in the St Louis district,

“Mr. Jean is not a member of One Seychelles, however, we believe that if there is a candidate willing to stand for the ordinary Seychellois’ rights, it is our duty to support that person,” said St. Ange.