President Faure launches the “50 Million African Women Speak” platform in Seychelles

Pesident Danny Faure, officially launched the 50 Million African Women Speak platform in Seychelles in a virtual ceremony at Eden Bleu last week. The 50 Million African Women Speak (50MAWS) is a digital platform which is available via web and mobile devices as an app. The platform is intended to empower millions of women in Africa to start, grow, and scale-up businesses by providing a one-stop-shop for their specific information needs. The 50MAWS platform aims to facilitate a dynamic and engaging exchange of ideas among women entrepreneurs using in-built social media functionality to connect them in ways that will foster peer-to-peer learning, mentoring, sharing of information and knowledge within communities, access to financial services and market opportunities between urban and rural areas, as well as across borders and between countries.During his opening speech, President Faure noted that as a member of COMESA, today’s launch-ing shows the result of Seychelles’ strong relationship with the common market for Eastern and Southern Africa Secretariat. He highlighted that as a small country, Seychelles’ achievements prove that the contributions of Seychellois women are the core of society’s transformation. “Women are often described as the backbone of our homes and communities, and make important contributions to our political, economic, and social advancement. The progress we have made together is the result of Government’s firm belief in the abilities of Seychellois girls and women. “We broke barriers and freed their potential. We accomplished this through the progressive policies that put human development at the centre of our agenda. Through legislation and policies, we continue to protect and defend the rights of women to stand together with men without any discrimination,” said the President.During the ceremony, there were also remarks by the Minister for Family Affairs, Mrs Mitcy Larue andthe Secretary-General of COMESA Mrs Chileshe Mpundu Kapwepwe and the CEO of the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA), Ms Angelique Appoo. There was also a presentation on the 50MAWS platform by the National Content Developer, Mrs Betty Mondon.

Also present were the Principal Secretary for Family Affairs, Mrs Marie-Josee Bonne, the Principal Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dr Marina Confait, Principal Secretary for the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development, Miss Angelique Antat, staff of ESA, and various entrepreneurs in Seychelles.