Public Health team rises to new Covid challenge


The very mention of “new Covid-19 cases” in the country this week must have raised some eyebrows and twitched a few antennae.

Fortunately we saw a very alert Public Health team that knew exactly what had to be done, having rehearsed and fine-tuned their protocols and routines in the past three months.

Above all, Dr Gedeon and his Publc Health team, as well the Health Care Agency, knew that they should not let their guard down.

And that in itself is comforting as we head into the reopening of the Airport in about a month’s time.

The greater worry is to ensure that the establishments who will be receiving our first visitors are equally well rehearsed, and drilled, to go through all the precautions and motions of the “new normal” when it comes to staff hygiene, guest hygiene, and social distancing.

The chairwoman of the SHTTA recently went on record as saying that whilst we must take all precautions, we must respect the guests’ holidays.

It remains to be seen if all these parameters are in place, for we must not only respect the guests’ holiday, but the lives of our own people, as we play ‘cat and mouse’ with this very unpredictable virus.