PUC calls our Bluff!

PUC’s CEO Philip Morin has called our bluff with a standard communique threatening legal action, probably to buy time or cover after our allegations last week of rampant Corruption at the national utilities provider.

It has taken Morin and co a long time to come to the realization that they are accountable to the Seselwa public, because it is their (taxpayers) money that is being stolen at the company by corrupt individuals under his management. If it can be proven that Morin had knowledge of what was going on and did nothing as the CEO of the company –he too would also be legally liable. This is why he should move fast to clear his own name, before it is too late. This problem is not going away anytime soon, even after the veiled threat of legal action made against this newspaper. He must book an appointment with his lawyer sooner rather than later for some good legal guidance. This is our advice to him.


We estimated that millions and millions of rupees are being stolen at the PUC annually. This is a crime against humanity by those who are responsible for this treachery against the ordinary men and women; people who are earning only a pittance and finding it really hard to feed their family. Did you seethe photo in our issue last week of that small shed that is supposed to have cost a whopping 800,000 Seychelles Rupees? How many Seychellois families can you feed with that?It is an extortion of mammoth proportion that has been going on undercover for many many years. We have now shone the bright light on the matter for an investigation by the appropriate authorities.

It read: ‘These allegations are of a very serious nature and target senior officers of the organization. It is the responsibility of the accusers to check their facts before making such declarations targeting a whole range of people. PUC is of the opinion that these allegations are of a highly defamatory nature, and have already caused moral damage to the persons targeted. Once the investigation is completed PUC reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against The Independent newspaper’.


This Newspaper has checked and double checked the facts, and all indications are pointing to grand corruption at the PUC. We are standing by our story until it is proven otherwise. However, if the authorities decide to provide protection to those responsible this newspaper will itself front a legal challenge against PUC on behalf of the Seychellois consumers. We will ask our lawyers to summon a long list of ex-employees who have contacted us with information and also those employees still in employment who are willing to testify against the thieves at PUC. This is not a threat directed at the cowboys who are stealing and defrauding the company. It is a promise we are making to the people of Seychelles who are being ripped-off through the high cost of Electricity and Water due to corruption by already highly-paid individuals.