Ralph Volcere announces his Candidacy in Presidential & Assembly Elections.

EDUCATION is Cornerstone of his campaign

Ralph Volcere, the owner-editor of The Seychelles Independent weekly newspaper announced last week through the paper’s Facebook page that he will stand as an independent candidate in the October Presidential elections.

Mr. Volcere will also stand in the National Assembly elections in the district of Roche Caiman, Mahe.

In a press statement, Mr. Volcere said he will stand under his newspaper’s banner “Seselwa avan Tou” and that the main drive of his campaign will be “REKONSTRIR SESEL”.

“We need to press the reset button for Seychelles and move away from the same tired leaders and the same old politics. We need to engage the youth of this country in a massive drive to reconstruct the main pillars of our nation in order to create a successful Seychelles. The cornerstones of his campaign will be EDUCATION, Education and Education –in all sectors of Society, from formal Education to Health to Economy, as Covid-19 has now taught us”.

Mr. Volcere is 60, and he is the father of six children.