SATIRE: Freedah-Sue the Fighter

Political fights in Seychelles are nothing to me. If I had the backing I would start my own political party. I have many things to tell newspapers and radio newscasts every day. My family and I fight for what is right. That has brought us many hardships. For instance, on the 5th day of October of 1963, the first issue of the Seychelles Weekly came out. It was the organ of the Seychelles Democratic Party. My mother told that organization to name themselves the Seychelles Muckraker Party, similar to the name of a party in the USA long ago. Our lazy politicians wouldn’t listen.I remembered that on the 7th day of October of 1896, a law was passed in Seychelles that allowed corporeal punishment for prisoners who commit certain offences such as escaping from custody. The corporeal punishment was flogging. I liked that! In 2005 I suggested flogging auto drivers who splash muddy water on people near the edge of the road. Government replied, “No way, silly girl!”