Seychelles’ biggest racist is playing the victim – True or BS?

Seychelles most notorious racist now claims that he was traumatized as a child by his parents. The bigot, known as BS to his friends is now apparently feeling guilt and remorse for all the emotional, mental and physical bullying he has inflicted on thousands of people in Seychelles.

If his claim of child abuse is true and genuine, then it is extremely sad and highlights the future im-pact of harsh upbringing by careless parents.  The truth is that an individual’s actions today, borne out of anger or frustrations could create a monster like Hitler or Albert Rene in 2o years and a vil-lage idiot and racist like BS.

All parents should sit up and take note of what can happen to your child if you mistreat them and if you don’t educate them.  If we take a good look around us today, we will find that some of dumb-ness people tend to have the most extreme socially inept and disrupting views.  Ask yourself, do you want your child to grow up to be like BS?

Children should be given abundant love and taught right from wrong, so they grow up to become responsible and caring human beings.  Otherwise we risk introducing psychopaths and other un-balanced monsters into our society.

People like BS should not be encouraged to disseminate their racist and anti-social views in the public domain.  People who follow him and friend him on social media and forward on his despica-ble rants and raves are promoting his ideology.  Some do it because they support his views and oth-ers do it as a joke.  This is dangerous and only serves to create division and discord in our society.  It is surprising that his party, LDS, who is purportedly promoting social cohesion and unity, and has many black and non-white supporters don’t remove him from their party and disassociate them-selves from him.  Surely, they cannot be that desperate for support, or has he been earmarked as a potential enforcer (his dream job) that will be used to terrorise and persecute opponents in a future LDS government. Let us hope that BS is not just crying crocodile tears to reign back his bullying and extreme racist views just because the election dates have been announced, just to re-emerge stronger and more powerful later if LDS wins to rain terror on his victims.  Let us hope that he is sincere about his claims and that he seeks professional help to re-adjust his damaged personality so that one day he can be part of a wider multi-racial society free from bullying and persecution.  Let us hope that BS is not just giving us another load of BS as usual.  Time will tell…