Slow-down 5G Campaign gets a boost from Airtel

The campaign of The Seychelles Independent to hold 5G technology until its health effects are ascertained got a boost from Airtel this week.

Airtel CEO Amadou Dina announced to the press that they would hold on 5G “until the time is right”.

This is the kind of responsible management and ethical business model we route for rather than a Cable & Wireless that presses on without giving the public concerns the least of considerations.

Airtel joins Intelvision in saying that they will err on the side of caution until such time as the public has received the necessary assurances that 5G is safe.

Amadou said: “Airtel is now concentrating on allowing its customers to fully appreciate the amazing experience of 4G and the 4G+ networks are offering in terms of speed and quality”. “We will decide in due time if we will go into 5G or not. For the moment Airtel remain silent and when the times is right we will announce if we have to go into 5G or not,” he said.While the Government has preferred to give Cable & Wireless the green light on 5G without any scrutiny, and the National Assembly has chosen to remain silent on the issue, this newspaper will be making the 5G installation an issue in the forthcoming elections.We will impress on the Government and Cable & Wireless Seychelles the need and desirability to finance an in-depth investigation by an independent body and give the Seychellois the necessary assurances before moving forward.