The defamation case between Alain St.Ange and Alexander Pierre was mentioned again last Wednesday before the Supreme Court. The hearing date has been set for next Wednesday.
It is recalled that Pierre published words on a social media platform to insinuate, amongst other falsehoods, that St.Ange has misappropriated party funds and used a large amount to purchase plane tickets to Australia.
The Plaintiff today filed a formal objection against the Defendant seeking to rely upon documentary evidence, namely witness affidavits, that had been notarised by the same Attorney that is now representing him in Court; a procedural irregularity that may render the evidence invalid.
Defence Counsel, Anthony Derjacques, hastened to assure the Court that they would not be seeking to rely on the contentious documents any longer, although the Court insisted that the Defendant responds to the Plaintiff’s objections formally.
Derjacques stated that key witnesses, including Vincent Padayachy, would be called to give evidence in person next week, much to the delight of the Plaintiff. There are many topical issues that shall be clarified through this key witness.
Evidence concerning infamous Kenya funds would no doubt arise through the Defence’s witnesses, which is being eagerly anticipated by many. With Court evidence being a matter of public record, pertinent issues that have been swept under the rug since the last election period shall be finally brought to the attention of the public.