By Peter ‘Bones’ Boniface

Throughout the last three years, Peter Boniface has been writing articles in this paper to predict the defeat of President Faure and his US party in the coming elections.

In this article, he talks of a glorious New Age of Democracy that he envisions will be coming after President Faure and the US party are removed from power.

The stage is set for the final battle for Democracy in Seychelles. In a few days, our nation will face the most historic elections that’s ever happened in our history.

It will be historic because this is the moment when our people will unite in force to finally wipe out the last remaining defenders and promoters of Rene’s evil ideology.

It will be historic because this is the victory that will save the soul and loving spirit of our people from the evil forces that Rene unleashed on our society since his treasonous Coup in 1977.

Very soon, after 43 years of roaming like slaves in the dark, morbid wilderness of Rene’s fantasies, our nation will finally reach the bright and vibrant sunshine of the Promised Land which we’ve all been yearning for.

This new land of freedom will bring us a New Age of Democracy which will help to restore the dignity and loving spirit which was once the pride of our people, before Rene brought in his bombs and guns and evil religion.

This New Age of Democracy will work hard to free us from the vicious circle of Hate and Violence that Rene poisoned our people’s minds with; and to bring back the love, compassion and peaceful nature that our people was once celebrated for.

In this New Democracy, the moral spirit and principles of our nation will be improved not by violence and threats, but by civilised education, debate and inspiration.

Our children and Youth will be taught in schools and in the media, to overcome selfish desires and greedy ambitions, and to be kinder towards our fellow human beings instead of abusing, oppressing and exploiting others, like Rene’s disciples.

In this New Democracy, skills and hard work will be encouraged, and all our citizens, especially the poor and helpless, will have the same equal opportunities and incentives to work and advance and contribute to our country’s progress, without discrimination.

Laws will be passed to ensure that everyone is free to express their opinions on what they feel is going wrong, without fear of punishment from the Government.

There will be no more discrimination or victimisation by the party in power.

There will be no more little cliques of privileged cronies and relatives to grab all the opportunities and promotions, like has happened throughout these last four decades.

Most of all, there will be no more gangsters, thieves or hired killers hiding in the protective wings of the ruling party leaders, to avoid answering for their crimes.

This New Democracy will enforce Justice and the Rule of Law on every citizen, irrespective of rank or party affiliation. Every criminal will have to face the courts.

The new Government will be open and transparent to ensure that all the corruption and frauds practiced by past Government officials, are rooted out forever.

These indeed are the sacred principles of Democracy that have enabled Western Europe, Australia and America to prosper and become the highly developed nations they are today. We too could have been the most advanced and prosperous small nation in the world today, if Rene hadn’t carried out his dirty, greedy Coup in 1977.

In 1976, when we became independent, we had the perfect system of Government and Democracy that could have propelled us to immense prosperity without the sufferings, horrors and moral degradation that Rene unleashed on our nation.

We had then a Coalition Government that gave Rene the post of Prime Minister even though he had lost all three elections that he had entered prior to Independence.

In that position, he had all the powers he needed to bring about the social reforms that he always claimed he wanted for the workers and the poor in our country.

The truth however is that the plight of the workers and the poor was only an excuse for his selfish and greedy ambitions. What he really wanted was absolute power to control and oppress our people so he could enrich himself, his cronies and family, anyway he wished.

In June 1977 therefore, our dreams of Democracy, peace and prosperity were suddenly shattered by this one greedy traitor and terrorist when he carried out his cowardly coup against our peaceful and defenceless nation. In the years that followed, he destroyed all our Rights, Freedoms and Democratic institutions; and dragged our nation into a dark, evil Age of Terror which brought torture, imprisonment, exile and even murder to thousands of our people.

Throughout it all, he kept a constant Brainwashing Campaign to incite his supporters to hate and treat everyone who opposed him as ‘enemies of the people’. Through his evil religion of Hate and Violence, he created a massive division among our people and plunged our nation into the disgraceful state of corruption and moral degradation that we’re suffering from today.

Since last year, hundreds of brave victims have appeared in front of the Truth Commission to reveal the horrors and atrocities that Rene unleashed on our citizens.

Yet, after all that, President Faure and his US party are still trying to cover up and pretend that Rene was a hero and never carried out those horrible crimes.

Various high officials of the US party who have been accused by the victims, have responded by lashing out in fury at the victims. Like raging toddlers, they showed the same arrogance and brutality with which they treated our people since the Rene days.

We’ve all seen the deranged outbursts by US officers who claimed shamelessly that they were proud to carry out the Coup, even though it’s classified as Treason. MNA Aglae even told the Assembly that all of Rene’s crimes were justified because of the social reforms he brought about.

Such is the kind of morally-degraded ideology that the US party officials believe in.

Even Mr Meriton, the US party leader had the audacity to tell us recently that Rene never caused any suffering to the Seychellois people; and he himself never profited from Rene’s corruption, even though he’s built himself a King’s Palace for all to see.

As for the US candidate, President Faure, he told us clearly in his Inauguration Speech in 2016 that Rene is his biggest inspiration; and he’s continued since then to sing praises to Rene and to glorify him as a hero.

Despite all the grief that the victims have shown in the TRUNC hearings, DF has never had the human decency to try to bring some healing to their sufferings by offering an official apology. He has never himself apologised for the active role he played in promoting Rene and all his evil practices while he was in power.

As a President, he has failed in his duty to order investigations in the crimes that have been exposed in the TRUNC hearings. He has failed to bring to justice the killers and thieves who’ve stolen the nation’s wealth and properties. He has shown that he has no interest in bringing real Democracy, Justice and Unity to our nation, despite all his grand promises.

By glorifying a criminal like Rene, who was possessed with an evil, malevolent spirit, President Faure, US leader Meriton and all US party officials have clearly shown that they do not have the moral principles to understand what real Democracy means.

By refusing to condemn or apologise for Rene’s crimes, President Faure and his US party have clearly shown that they have no compassion or shame for the horrors that our people suffered under Rene; and they have absolutely no intention of bringing to justice the wealthy criminals in their party who they are protecting.

In fact, by blatantly showing us that they are still obsessed with Rene’s evil ideology,  President Faure and his US party have given us a silent warning that, if they win those coming elections, they would happily crack down on our Democracy and Freedom, and bring us back to the dark days of plunder, corruption, victimisation and terror that they learnt from their hero and teacher, Rene. 

In fact, I can reveal today that there is a serious gang of left-wing extremists within the US party who are planning to hijack the party to plunge us back into those dark days of oppression, for the sole purpose of protecting their wealth and avoiding any criminal trials or reforms that some young US moderates might decide to launch.

The  sudden return of a prominent Rene disciple to the US party has a part to play in this Trojan Horse plan.

Fortunately for us, their little dirty plan will never happen. Since 2016, Rene’s evil force that they relied on, has been destroyed and replaced by the Force of Good and loving spirit which was once part of our people’s nature. Since 2016, this Force has grown stronger in our nation’s consciousness, to the point that many US supporters are now feeling guilt and shame of having been associated to Rene and his evil force.

Like the opposition, they are today sick and tired of the US party’s endless lies and their constant attempts to treat them as dumb fools who can easily be manipulated.

As a result, in the coming elections, many of those disgruntled US supporters, as well as Pillay’s supporters, will flock to Alain St Ange’s party, if not the LDS. Like in 2016, there’s a good chance that we will end up seeing two opposing forces united to bring about this historical Victory for Democracy.

The new Government that will arise will be made up of people who have shown real Courage and Resilience throughout the 30 years they’ve been fighting for Democracy.

Despite all the abuses and attacks they suffered along the way, they never stopped keeping the Dream and Hope of Democracy alive.

We can therefore trust that those new leaders will continue to work hard with Courage and Humanity to bring about this New Age of Democracy that we are all yearning for. We can also trust that many other Seychellois will now have the chance to inspire and convince our people, that we can rise from our dark, painful past to bring a new spirit of Unity, Humanity, Peace and Prosperity to our nation.

In a few days time, we will start on this glorious new journey. These elections are your final chance to help fulfil this dream. May you do what’s right and just so that one day you will be proud to tell your children that you too played a part in bringing the New Age of Democracy that is soon to come.