The forty thieves abandon Alibaba for a new cave

There is an old English saying which talks about rats abandoning a sinking ship. In the case of the 2020 elections in Seychelles, the scenario is quasi the same, but not wholly. In essence the public is witnessing a scene in which the fabled Alibaba‘s forty thieves are abandoning him and his cave and seeking protection elsewhere!

At the going rate, pretty soon United Seychelles will be clean of those unsavory associations with people of questionable repute in the eyes of the Seychellois as those latter are making a beeline and hightailing it out of US and towards LDS! Most of these defectors are individuals whom LDS had at some point or other identified as those who needed to be held to account for certain actions they had undertaken in the past and which negatively impacted this country. They all appear to have something for which they need protection from the law and their running into the arms of the LDS is raising quite a few eyebrows.

“It’s getting to be rather overcrowded in the LDS and the new company is quite undesirable, so I am thinking of leaving this party as those very people whom we worked so hard to try and bring to justice, are today the ones we are welcoming with open arms! I can’t believe that we want to win so badly that we are accepting such people among our rank and file!” a very, very angry supporter said!

While the move by certain people like the former President, whose removal from power was the aim behind the creation of LDS; has been made public, albeit in an unplanned manner, others are stealthily creeping into the LDS using the backdoor! It remains to be seen if the LDS would have the courage to call them out one day!