Time for our students in Malaysia and Japan to head back home

The Independent is not shy to take some credit when it is due, for it’s the least we owe to our readers and followers who stand with us and behind us.

Now that we’ve played a leading role in getting most of our students back from every corner of Europe, we will turn our attention to the need to repatriate our students from Malaysia and Japan.

The authorities continue to waver on this. At the last count they seemed to pass the responsibility to the Diplomatic Mission for Malaysia, as in “we ask the students to keep in touch with the Diplomatic mission” and “we have a team working on it”, as said in a recent press conference by Dr. Danny Louange, head of the Health Care Agency.

A journalist at that press conference pointed out that the students were facing problems with sti-pends getting low, and even problems with landlords with rent payments.

On Saturday 27th June, after much pushing and pulling by this newspaper, 50 Seychellois students who were stranded in all corners of Europe were brought home on a special Air Seychelles repatria-tion flight from Amsterdam in Holland.

In keeping with the Public Health measures in force, all the passengers are now in various quaran-tine centers under strict supervision, for a period of 14 days.

It is understood that Air Seychelles will be organizing other repatriation flights from the middle of this month, and all remaining stranded Seychellois are advised to liaise with the Seychelles diplo-matic and consular missions in the countries where they are for more information. But as of the time of going to press we have not heard anything specific about our students in Ma-aysia and Japan.