Too much bravado and aggression

Both the ruling party and the majority party are showing signs of fear for the forthcoming general elections. However, they are manifesting their fright in a totally different form. It is obvious to see that the stalwarts from the ruling party are shaking in their boots. Whenever, they meet with other people they are always asking who is going to win these elections. They want to be reassured that the elections will actually go into a second round of elections and that One Seychelles will come save their skin. St.Ange has already gone on record to say that he is confident that his party will be in the second round and that we will have to wait and see, which other party will join him to battle for the presidency.

The majority party has decided to show their fear in a completely different manner. They have come out on the roads aggressively and has chosen intimidation as their favorite weapon against the masses. This style of bullying is getting to the silent majority slowly but surely and they will make their vote count in the ballot boxes.

Seychelles has already become a lawless state and Wavel Ramkalawan is not even in power. What will their supporters do if they win the elections?