TRNUC’s response to SPDF press release on Court proceedings

“The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission (TRNUC) does not consider it appropriate to comment on ongoing judicial proceedings.

“However, as the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF) has again seen fit to issue a press release concerning these proceedings the Commission feels compelled to respond to avoid misunderstandings of the matter.

“The TRNUC’s mandate as clearly stipulated in the Act, permits it to consider allegations of human rights violations committed during or in relation to the coup d’états of 1977. The issue that guides its determination is whether it is prima facie satisfied that the alleged violation bears some relation to the coup.

“In the disputed cases the commission considered that the fact that the political party that came to power with the Coup d’états of 1977 established the army and has retained executive power since the coup (the President holding the position as Commander in Chief of the Army) could provide a prima facie basis for the commission to identify a link with the coup d’états of 1977 for the purposes of admissibility before it. The commission underscores that in the disputed cases it had merely determined that the complaint lodged by the relatives could be rendered admissible but sought further information from the Attorney General regarding the investigation prior to make a final determination as it did not wish to impugn any ongoing investigation. It is worth noting that the test of admissibility and non-admissibility of cases is one of the initial steps.

“Needless to say the commission is fully committed to the impartial discharge of its mandate by working cooperatively with all relevant stakeholders and notes that its overriding commitment to impartiality means that its decisions do not always meet with the political objectives of the government.“The commission reiterates its commitment to establish the truth, reconcile and unite the people of Seychelles.”

Source: TRNUC