Vijay Construction (Pty) Ltd (Vijay) would like to make its position clear regarding its fight with Eastern European Engineering Ltd (EEEL), which has been widely covered in the media these last few weeks. The perception given is that Vijay has been ordered to pay money because it breached the construction contract. The reality is different. We refuse to pay any money to these people believed to be of Russian origin, because the Arbitration Award obtained by the mis Bogus. In reality they owe us money and much more. The core issue is the abrupt termination of the Contract by EEEL using Article 1794 of the Civil Code of Seychelles, which reads: “The employer may annul at will the agreement for a lump sum, even if the work has already started, provided he indemnifies the contractor for all his expenses, all his labour and whatever profit he would have made from the agreement”.

The termination was done with the intention to force us into signing a new contract which was quite onerous. We simply could not accept that. Having failed in their oppressive motives, they put the vicious machinery in action. Fabricated reports were made to show that we delayed the works and made ridiculous claims for damages. The termination letter is quite clear where there is no mention of any delay (-our emphasis). The Arbitrator simply discarded all the facts presented to him and issued a bad Award accepting the fake claims made by the Russians. This Award is being pursued in our courts and we are tasked to face all the nonsense. For proper justice, the Arbitration Award must be scrutinized, otherwise the Courts will sanction day-light robbery! This is what we have been trying to do, and will continue to do until the truth is revealed. EEEL have successfully promoted through the newspaper ‘ TODAY’ and some members of the Assembly the adoption of New York Convention on Arbitration. This was done under the cover of protection of the investors. The real motive is different. The recent judgement of the Supreme Court is heavily influenced by the recent adoption of the New York Convention. The judgement was supposed to be delivered last year when the Convention was not in picture and was continually delayed, finally being delivered after the Convention was adopted, and used against Vijay. Seychelles had so much investment in the last 15 years without the Convention. And more is coming. What Seychelles needs more is a solid system to prevent the crooks entering under the cover of investment. Vijay is not fighting for money or survival. We are simply fighting the undesirable evil that has penetrated Seychelles. We have faith that ultimately the truth will prevail.

We do hope that our leaders have the strength to prevent our country from falling into the hands of the Hardmen. –[Termination letter attached for readers to judge for themselves].