What is a Unity Government?

What on earth is a “Unity Government”? Can someone please explain this to us and what about this business of “Koste Seychellois”? Didn’t the last President before our current President ask us to “Leve Debouye” and “Koste Seychellois” in the run up to the 2016 elections when he won by literally a handful of votes, which some people say were suspect anyway, what have we achieved in the last 4 years? Not very much yeh? He even told us we were a “high income country” can you believe this when 40% of our nation lives below the poverty line? Why do some people take Seychellois for fools? They must have a serious problem with their cognitive processes.

Ah well, the elections are round the corner and the elite in our society are getting ready to fly away to distant lands in fear and come back when the storm has settled. They do this every time we have an election. Then we have the rats who are pocketing as much cheese before they jump off the sinking ship, in the meantime we must vote for a smart and completely new government made up of smart people regardless of their past political affiliations. We want good managers to manage the affairs of Seychelles and fight for what is best for Seychelles and all Seychellois who will share in our future prosperity. We have the brains, we have the tools to be successful and failure can only happen if we put our country back in the hands of those who have failed us before. We need a strong Government and a strong Opposition, the last thing we need is a Unity Government, where people get together and they get away with crimes they have committed and they keep the money they have stolen from us. For the first time in our history let the people of Seychelles elect their President who will create a first class and dynamic government and a good future for all Seychellois.

Contributed by: Barry Laine FCIM, FInst SMM, MCMI, MBSCHSeychelles Civil SocietyThe Wishing WellAnse Des GenetsMahe, Seychelles

Email: barrylaine@hpcgroup.sc