Malicious Maneuvers & Corruptions in Judiciary

Dear Editor,

If there is a reason in the world that justify your decision to challenge the CAA legally it has now been justified. There are credible information with evidence that shows malicious maneuvers by two judges in the highest court to block and rid the brilliant, highly educated native experienced CJ. It is a shame that alien recruited to work in the legal system then given citizenship and find their way in the hierarchy of the judiciary now wants to rid the native by thinking they are too big. On the other hand, someone that does not deserve to be judge with incompetent records in the profession that was handpicked and pushed in the judiciary through the backdoor is motorizing the plot against the CJ. The motives appears to be hatred, jealousy and political. As for the soon to become vacant position of CJ, it is believed that another incompetent with records of failures is the favorite candidate against highly qualified and experienced. Through interception and monitoring, there are ongoing desperate attempts by individuals in the debtor company in the landmark civil suit court case to meet with two aliens with the aim to bribe for the judgement to be in their favor, as they did in previous appeal.