Third force now seriously needed for healthier Seychelles politics

As the rough and tumble of politics continues to dish up a few surprises since the dissolution of the National Assembly, it is now more important than ever that there is a Third Force in Seychelles Politics.But will the other political players in Seychelles who are not US or LDS be able or wish to unify under one umbrella to form the third force that is so vital for the political future of Seychelles?

In the last four years with only two parties in the parliament progress have been slow to achieve any meaningful changes. The two sides had gone to bed on many occasions to trash out deals between themselves that were not necessarily in the best interests of the people or country. It is now very important to have representatives of more than two political parties in the National Assembly for the best interests of the whole nation and the future of Seychelles democracy. The announcement by the Electoral Commission that both the Presidential and National Assembly elections will be held simultaneously on 22nd, 23rd and 24th August, 2020 have elevated political tension in the country to new heights. The US and LDS have wasted no time to announce their representatives in the districts, but LDS’ party leader Wavel Ramkalawan is already wishing that his party carries all the seats, thus returning to the days of the one-party state, something he has heavily mourned.. Several changes have been effected in the lineup of both the two main parties; in particular the departure of Nicholas Prea from the LDS team to make way for a new candidate handpicked by Ramkalawan.


It is clear that Nicholas Prea has been sidelined for his neutral stands taken when he was the Speaker (2018-2020) of the National Assembly. It has cost him his position within LDS. They have replaced him with Sandy Arrisol at Bel Ombre and a new comer, Mr. Sathyanarayanan Sudharsan Naidu has taken over the safe seat of St. Louis.The LDS has retained most of its original lineup who won in 2016 with the exception of Steve Pillay from Au Cap replaced by Kelly Samynadin, Clive Roucou from Plaisance replaced by Richard Labrosse, Jean-Francois Ferrari replaced by Michel Roucou in Mont Fleuri. Their Presidential candidate said during the convention on Friday 14th August to present their district candidates that he would like to see all his candidates elected in the National Assembly. This situation if it does happen will not serve our nascent democracy well. It will bean elected dictatorship with the potential to destroy the gains the country have managed to accumulate in terms of democracy, human rights and freedoms. We trust in the judgement of the electorate to deliver in the interests of Seychelles not the wishes of politicians.