James Michel seek protection in the arms of Ramkalawan

It was a well-orchestrated move by both Wavel Ramkalawan and James Michel and it hit most people like a bolt of lightning, but not the Editor of this newspaper. Despilly William is one of the most naïve beings who have ever walked this earth. He was placed in the eye of the storm without even realizing it and he was so proud to have done the dirty work of Wavel Ramkalawan, who is dying to be the next president of Seychelles and James Michel, who is seeking protection for his sins against the people of Seychelles.

The word was already out that Michel and Ramkalawan were having an adulterous political affair behind closed doors on the basis that Ramkalawan will be assisted by the old friends of James Michel. A first class traveling passenger, who is a businessman from La Digue reiterated to this newspaper that he witnessed a scene on arrival in Dubai last year that would have shocked the Seychellois nation into depression. However, the supporters who are following their leader blindly would have wanted to crucify the editor, on any mention of the clandestine relationship between the two men. But, the genie is now out of the bottle and cannot be put back in, no matter how hard they will try. The people and the country have been sacrificed on the altar of political ambition on one side and political protection on the other side. The electorate will have an opportunity to endorse this union between James Michel and Wavel Ramkalawan on 22nd, 23rd and 24th ofOctober, 2020.

It is to be noted that Wavel Ramkalawan and his mini army of power hungry sycophants in the 6th Parliament had stopped attacking James Michel and his Arab friends in the National Assembly. And that they (LDS) are protecting the interests of the Arabs over that of the natives. We have two recent perfect examples for our readers to contemplate over; the Mango House project at Baie Lazare and the Anse à La Mouche proposed development on parcels C7983 and C6626, which represent a land size of 820,000 square metres bought on a 99 year lease for only 4.5 million dollars; sold by the government of Danny Faure with the full backing of Wavel Ramkalawan and the majority party in the National Assembly. These are the kinds of crimes that are still being committed against the ordinary Seychellois in their own country by their leaders. The electorate need to take note of this latest development at the LDS party convention on Sunday 6th September, it was a defining moment for the Seychellois Nation. Don’t go to the polls with our eyes closed! You have been warned.