One Seychelles party calls for 3 in 1 elections in October

The ‘One Seychelles’ Party is calling on the Government to organize three-in-one elections in October in order to save precious millions during the Covid-19 economic storm.Writing in its mouthpiece ‘Zilwa’, it calls for the Presidential, Parliamentary and Regional District Council elections to be held together, claiming “it would save our economy millions to do so”.The ‘One Seychelles’ party goes on: “Despite televised promises and assurances to the contrary by our Head of State, people are losing their employment, their allowances and their financial security.

“Seychellois are being warned of difficult times to come by our elected representatives, and are expected to make sacrifices and cut-backs to weather the storm. The cut-backs that public workers are facing include a slashing of their monthly allowances, which served to bolster an otherwise un-remarkable salary, and many employees in the private sector have found themselves being made redundant following the collapse of our tourism industry.

“Seychellois expect their leaders to make decisions in the best interests of our Nation, and of its citizens. Wasteful expenditure during this uncertain time should be disbanded and discontinued immediately. For instance, rather than holding three separate and costly elections for the upcoming Presidential, Parliamentary, and Regional/District Council elections, they should be lumped together and dealt with as a whole in October”. It would save our economy millions of rupees to do so.