Wavel’s first Indian pledge fires off

It is clear that the LDS candidate in St. Louis will now get the backing of the Indian business community in Seychelles, and he is mighty powerful already. In his speech at the LDS convention on Friday 14th August the young Sathyanarayanan Sudharsan Naidu made it clear that he has not come to play:

“When I started in 2011, I was just 17 yrs. old, today I am 27yrs old. For ten years I have been on this mission – I have helped the LDS in all sort of ways. The moment they ask me to come and do this or that I was ready to do it. I did it with my heart. And today if my activists have decided that I can take on the task I know that I will be able to do it. They have given me the courage and determination to come and stand before the people to speak to them in a frank manner. “Our presidential candidate started his mission in St. Louis so you need to know that if he has put me there with all the activists I will be going to work… St. Louis has always had good speakers…. There he (Sandy Arrisol) is now the candidate for Bel Ombre, he has done an extraordinary work… let’s give him a round of applause. I need to tell you that I am very excited… do you know why I am excited… because each time you will switch your television on and listen to me you are going to say this boy can talk; another talker from St. Louis…

“You need to know that I am coming to work for my residents for all the residents………. I have spoken to people and asked them to vote for father because we need to bring radical changes to this country……. When we are saying ‘Sesel pou tou son zanfan’. “You must also know that I am also a child of Sesel. You can say ‘malbar’ and anything else my skin is getting thicker everyday bring it on… bring it on… because the fight that I am going to start not only in St. Louis but in all Seychelles… I am going to help everyone. Thank you very much… you know you can count on me… LDS for Sesel”, he concluded. It was delivered with the aggression of a young and determined politician full of vigor and the ambitions to be President of Seychelles one day.